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Your Spill Removal Guide

Posted by in Carpet Cleaning Tips on November 24, 2010

The majority of spills are as a result of upset drinks, coffee, wine, orange etc. Act Quickly and more often than not, this simple “Blot Up” procedure will do the trick.

The Blot Up Procedure

Hand Blot: blot the spill gently with several layers of tissue using a dabbing action. Allow the spill to be absorbed, do not at this stage press too hard. repeat with fresh tissue until no more liquid is absorbed.

Pressure Blot: again using fresh tissue, apply pressure down on the tissue to squeeze out as much of the spill as possible, repeat as necessary until tissue comes away dry.

At this stage your problem will usually have disappeared, if not, apply a little warm water using a sponge or damp cloth ( do not over wet) to the remaining mark, and again apply the blot up procedure. Should you still have a problem call Excel Carpet Care 01892 784029

Caution: never rub the fabric using a scrubbing action, Do not use washing up liquid or High Street stain removers, since these are made to cover a wide variety of problems, and can set the stain into the carpet rather than remove it. In addition many work on a bleaching principle and may harm the carpet colour.

The tips above are a very simple but safe and effective alternative using materials that are available for quick action in all homes, and will therefore assist a professional carpet cleaner to remove most spills, should their assistance be required.

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