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Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Safest, Deepest Method Ever!

We all know of the beneficial role our carpets and upholstery play in making our homes feel warm and cosy. But have you considered the role they play in filtering the air we breathe indoors by trapping and holding dust and allergens. Regular cleaning will improve appearance, extend the life of your investment, and, provide a healthier home for all the family. Many of us however put off this very important maintenance, because of the inconvenience and long down time with wet carpets. We also have concerns about shrinkage, colour run and possible side effects from stong over the counter chemicals.

A New, Convenient & More Effective Way To Clean Your Carpets, Improve Air Quality & Protect Your Families Health Is Now Available

This is the Smart Convenient way Excel provides you with Clean, Healthy carpets without leaving them wet, full of chemicals and out of use for hours and in some cases days

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House dust mite

Your carpets contain up to 85% of dry, compacted soiling, bacteria & allergens, this is removed quickly and efficiently using our HostTM Dry Extraction Machine, its unique counter rotating brushes and powerful vacuum lift the pile and remove the dry soiling. Next any spots or stains are treated before we apply, soft, natural, specially formulated cleaning sponges, which are brushed deep into the carpet pile by the HostTM machine, to dissolve, absorb and trap the remaining soil, allergens and odours, before finally, removing with the powerful vacuum. Your carpet is Clean, reinvigorated, free from harmful bacteria or chemicals and, ready to use. It’s that quick and it’s that simple!.

Learn How Regular Cleaning Can Save You Money

Join our exclusive Preferred Clients Club and receive Fixed prices Special Discounts and the option to pay over 12 months interest free.   You have nothing to lose but a nearly new carpet to gain!

Improved Air Quality Improves Health, FACT!

Carpets are alive with dust mites and animal allergens, these are known to aggravate  respiratory disease. Just one clean using our dry extraction method will significantly reduce the levels of allergens in your home and greatly improve your family’s indoor environment.

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