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Environmental Policy

Excel Carpet Care  has a proactive approach towards protecting the environment and has adopted  many measures to take us beyond legal  compliance ecologically friendly carpet cleaning.

By the very nature of our work, we protect the environment by reducing  the land-fill of products which are not easily bio-degradable (carpets and flooring containing fibres such as polypropylene, nylon and PVC) we prolong their useful life through regular cleaning and maintenance

Many of our products used are from natural sources such as corn husk, citrus oils  and natural cleaning solvents.

We re-use product containers and fill from bulk sources.We are committed to the eradication of products that damage the environment; we have sought to eliminate hazardous chemicals such as CFC’s and harmful Bi-products.

We assist in improving indoor air-quality within facilities, by aiding the reduction of gasses caused by volatile organic compounds.

We use quadruple  filtration extraction machinery to reduce the likelihood of dust fallout.

Water saving technology and recycling systems are employed by us in many of our operations.